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Respite care is defined as short-term in-home community-based services to give relief to the primary caregiver. While caring for loved ones at home has always been the norm, the push for home and community-based care has increased, in part because the cost of care and public policy changes. A wealth of studies suggest that caregivers have poorer mental and physical health than non-caregivers and that those providing care to people with dementia have high levels of stress and lower well-being than those caring for physically disabled persons. Caregivers need help. Lifespan is the lead organization in this collaborative effort to create a community-wide respite program for people caring for a loved one with dementia.


Friends and family surrounding individuals who are providing home-based care for another with a memory impairment can play a valuable role in helping a caregiver deal with the significant mental and physical stress caring for another individual can present. However these potential “caregiver companions” are often unaware of the strains of caregiving or unsure about how they can help.

The goal of the public campaign is to get friends and family members of caregivers to recognize and embrace their role as a potential companion to that caregiver. As result, more friends and family members will ideally take action to become more involved in helping the caregiver, earlier rather than later (or not at all). The impact of getting more people to be companions of caregivers will result in caregivers getting a break, ultimately lead to the reduction of their stress levels, and allowing them to more effectively care for themselves and their loved one with memory a impairment.

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